Our Teachers

Andy Thacker
man in sunglasses with guitar
Chris Leva
Christen Hubbard
Christina Fleming
Clara George
Craig Green
Man standing with guitar smiling.
Dan Sebring
Devon Sproule
Emily Ellis
Erynn McLeod
Genevieve Baer
Gina Sobel
Harold Bailey Teacher Headshot
Harold Bailey
Man standing and smiling
Kris Monson
Larry Kent
Lucas Rhondeau
Malia Furtado
Marty Collin
Woman smiling holding a ukulele and puppet
Megan Brockman
Michael Clem
Mike Burris
Molly Murphy
Pete Vigour
Rick Ramsey
Sonja Dillard
Man with glasses standing and smiling
Theo Herrin
Ti Ames


221 Water St E
Charlottesville, VA 22902


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Coming in 2021

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