Molly Murphy
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Ukulele, Harmony
Styles: Folk, Country, Soul, Kids, Musikgarten


I’ve been singing since I was four years old, starting in the church choir and then did every school musical and play there was up through high school. I dabbled on guitar throughout my youth and took voice and piano lessons before starting a band with my sister in 2005, performing mostly Americana and neo-traditional music. In 2008, we formed The Judy Chops and have been touring up and down the east coast for over 10 years. I started teaching music in 2016, giving voice lessons out of my living room, but have always loved singing with people and making music with my family. On long car rides, we would always sing the Star Spangled Banner whenever we saw an American Flag– in three part harmony of course! I perform with my sisters Sally Murphy and Lizzie Cahalin in a few different configurations including The Marvelous Murphy Sisters and Apples and Tree with our mom, Lorie Lichtenwalner.


It is my life-long goal to make music makers! But I would also be so tickled if I could be a backup singer for a large touring act, and/or a studio musician for backing vocals and harmony.
“Molly has helped me with everything I needed!”