2019-20 Goals

  • Increase student impact by 50%
  • Hire qualified teaching artists (at least 10 more)
  • Gather and analyze data for future planning
  • Seek sustainable funding sources: local, regional, state, and national
  • Develop program curricula
  • Three year goal: Open new chapters in other parts of VA


  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • International Neighbors
  • City of Promise
  • Charlottesville City Schools
  • Albemarle County Schools
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention


  • Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention
  • Walker Upper Elementary
  • Southwood Boys and Girls Club
  • Westhaven Community Center
  • Burnley Moran Elementary
  • Greenbrier Elementary
  • Venable Elementary (Leadership Club)
  • Cale Elementary

Prospective Locations

  • Friendship Court Community Center
  • S. First Street at Mount Zion Church
  • 4 new Albemarle County Schools
  • 2 new Boys and Girls Clubs
  • 4 new Charlottesville City Schools
  Now Fall 2019 Percent Increase
Students Served / Week 225 350+ +55%
Teacher Hours / Week 70 200 +77%
Locations 8 20 +65%

In the Students’ Words – Music Mentors and Hometown Choir

“I like working with my mentor more than being in regular band. It’s calmer when you’re with somebody other than the whole group.”

“Band does songs I don’t know. Working with Katelyn is more my level because I’m not that good at band.”

“(When I work with my mentor) I have more freedom. Ifocus on parts and learn a lot of concert pieces better. It’s more chill.”

“I like my mentor. I like the attention I’m getting and Ifeel more focused.”

“My mentor helps me. I can’t practice at home because there’s no space.”

“I like making up our own songs together!”

Testimonials – Partners and Parents

“I believe in the power of music, not only on the mind, but as an outletfor expression. The students look forward to learning different instruments, working with Matt on music composition, and creating their own collaborative jam sessions. This has been a vital addition to our program and I hope it continues to grow so students have different outlets of expression and the chance to build positive friendships through music.
-Tanner Boyle, Principal, Blue Ridge Detention Center

“Lila’s love language is music and dance, but she claims to have stage frightin front of an audience. Hometown Choir exposed her to new genres of music, introduced her to new friends, and boosted her confidence. Roots and Wings gave her the opportunity to overcome that fear of performing.”
-Karol Lester Kozak

“As a community partner itis a joy to host children and be a witness to the beauty that happens when they, regardless of differences, are united and sing with their hearts. Emily and Matt have done amazing work;they are consistent, diligent, and passionate abouttheir mission, giving the kids something to look forward to and something new to hear.-Latara Ragland, City of Promise

“Hometown choir brought our family together with families that we don’t always have the chance to get to know. We are so grateful for the beautiful music our kids learned and performed, as well as for the friendships we built and relationships we forged with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”
– Kristin Clarens

“Jack (mentor) works with one of our very talented students. This student had never taken his instrument home, ever. This last tutoring session Jack gave him some “licks” to work on over the weekend and HE TOOK HIS INSTRUMENT HOME!! He also brought it back today so he would have it for class. This is a moment I have been waiting for – the student loves his music, he just needed a one-on-one push/supporter to get him to the next level. Bravo!”
-Susan Allen, Walker Band Teacher