African Dance

Each week, The Front Porch and Ms. Lillie Williams share the joy of West African music at the Boys and Girls Clubs. Through the dances and activities, club members sing and dance their way through her classes, connecting everyone through music. Students work toward performance opportunities several times each year.

Ms. Lillie is a true treasure at the Cherry Boys & Girls Club. Members look forward to their time each week to let loose and dance to West African music with Ms. Lillie. I’ll peak into the room during program time and members are engaged with huge smiles on their faces. Ms. Lillie has the wonderful ability to pull shy members out of their shell and channel energetic members into one cohesive group.

– Makayla Whitehurst, Boys & Girls Club Coordinator

My personal favorite memory with Ms. Lillie was at Club Fest. She dressed members in beautiful West African attire and lead them in a dance routine in front of a crowd of excited families. She didn’t even stress when we added two new dancers day-of. Instead, she welcomed them with open arms & quickly made them feel a part of the Front Porch community. All members were glowing with pride after their performance, some admitting they were a little nervous before, but had a blast once they got up there. Overall, I’m deeply grateful for Ms. Lillie’s warmth, flexibility, and charm.

-Makayla Whitehurst, B&G Club Coordinator