Our Story

Small beginnings. Big Dreams.

Bring your guitar and stay a while

Our story began on an actual porch in 2015. The porch has become an important touchstone for us: a place where people gather to visit, relax, tell stories, and share music. It symbolizes community in its most organic sense. We’ve come a long way since our beginnings in that house in Belmont…but we’re still keeping that mission at the forefront: connecting everyone through music.

A Thank You From Our Artists

Scrappy, with a lot of heart.

The Front Porch began in the home of local educator Emily Morrison in 2015, and soon found its home in downtown Charlottesville. More than 200 people come to The Front Porch each week to take classes. Our weekly jam programs, which are free and open to the public, draw a diverse crowd of participants. We host a wide array of performers who offer workshops and concerts in our intimate listening room.

Experiencing Music. Together.

The Front Porch was founded with the strong belief that music is a universal language that brings people together. It’s a bridge between our past and our future. Music allows us to express ourselves creatively and connect with others. When we experience music together, we feel the magic of creation happening in real time. Music is also a discipline. Learning to play requires sophisticated skills from dedicated instructors, and sustained practice to excel. The Front Porch marries the aspirational with the concrete: by providing the highest quality music educational experience, coupled with opportunities to practice and share in a community setting. The Front Porch experience deepens your practice, opens your heart, and enlivens your soul.

Virginia is for  all Music Lovers

Inspired by the rich musical heritage of Central Virginia, The Front Porch is a vibrant community of music lovers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. As a non-profit organization, it is our mission to make music inclusive, affordable, and accessible to all. We offer scholarships, present lots of free programming, and we have priced our classes at a level that is below the national average without compromising the pay scale of our teachers.