Concert FAQs


What time do the concerts start? Our concerts run from 8 – 10 PM with doors at 7:30 PM. Concerts that take place on Sundays run from 7 – 9 PM with doors at 6:30 PM. Doors always open half an hour before the concert begins.

Do you serve alcohol? Yes! We serve wine, Champion Brewing beer and Albemarle Ciderworks hard cider. We also serve non-alcoholic beverages.

What is your capacity? 100 capacity.

Are your concerts seated or standing? Our concerts are mostly seated. We can guarantee seats for the first 80 people to arrive. Our seating is first come first served.

Do you serve food? No.

Are restrooms available? Yes. We have 3 restrooms in our venue, one with ADA accessibility.

Are your concerts for all ages? Yes. Children 12 and under can attend for free.

Who do I contact if I want to perform at The Front Porch? Please review our booking policies here.

How do I purchase tickets for a concert? There are two ways to purchase tickets – online and at The Front Porch both in advance and on the day of the concert. We strongly encourage the purchasing of tickets online and in advance. To purchase tickets online, go to our concert page here. Click on the concert you are interested, scroll to the bottom of the page, choose how many tickets you want to purchase, hit the button that says “add to cart”, you can also edit how many tickets you want to purchase then (don’t forget to hit the button that says “update cart” if you do), and then click the button that says “proceed to checkout”, fill out the form including credit card information, and then hit the button that says “place order”.

I purchased tickets, now what? Do I need to print the receipt and bring it to the concert? No. You do not need to print the receipt. We also do not issue paper tickets. Once you purchase tickets to a concert at The Front Porch, your name, email address and number of tickets you bought automatically gets uploaded into the guest list of the concert you purchased the ticket(s) for. All you have to do is come to the concert and give your name and the number of tickets bought to the staff working the door!

Are you handicap accessible? Yes.

Where can I park? There is parking available across the street from The Front Porch at the Water Street garage. The first hour is free. Past that, it is $2 per hour. There is also street parking all around downtown Charlottesville.

Is your venue indoor or outdoor? Indoor.

Is there assigned seating? No. Our seating is first come, first served.

Do you have discounts for senior or military? No.

Can I bring my own alcohol and food? No.

What if I can’t make it to the show? Can I get a refund? We do not offer ticket refunds. There are two options to make sure your ticket(s) don’t go to waste. You can either forward your ticket(s) to a friend by forwarding the confirmation email to them or by simply telling them what name your order is under. Or you can release the ticket(s) back to us and the price of the ticket(s) will count as you making a donation to The Front Porch. Please call 434-806-7012 to release your ticket(s) back to us.

How do I find out if a show is canceled due to inclement weather? If we have to cancel a show because of inclement weather or other reasons, we will post it on our Facebook Page as well as on the event itself on Facebook and on our website. If you are having trouble finding any of those, please call 434-806-7012 or email

Can I use my Front Porch gift certificate to purchase tickets to a concert? Yes! Gift cards can be used to purchase group classes, private lessons, summer camps, event tickets and Front Porch merchandise! Please call 434-806-7012 or email to use your gift certificate for concert tickets, or stop by and use it in person!