Theo Herrin
Pronouns: he/him/his
Instruments: Voice, Guitar, Drums, Looping
Styles: Pop, Soul, Choral, Folk


A Charlottesville native, my first formal introduction to music was through the violin at a very young age. Many years and several instruments later, I came to realize that singing is my favorite form of musical expression. After studying music at the College of William & Mary (with a focus on vocals and composition), I struck out as an independent singer/songwriter, filling all my free time outside my desk job with songwriting, practicing, and performing. I take the stage as a one-man-band under the name Theocles, using nothing but a guitar, mic, and loop pedal. In December 2020, I made the best decision of my life: quitting my desk job to return to Charlottesville and pursue music full time! I am beyond excited to bring my love and knowledge of music to Front Porch.


My musical dream is to make music as much as I can, forever. When I’m not doing that, however, you can often find me playing either soccer or Magic: the Gathering!