Julia Kwolyk
Instruments: Fiddle, Violin
Styles: Classical, Bluegrass, Jazz, Celtic


I am a violinist and singer. I love the breadth of tone and style that each instrument offers! Starting on classical violin at a young age, I participated in various ensembles and orchestras growing up, which taught me the magic that is possible in honing a craft and working collaboratively with other musicians. I went on to study violin and voice in college, serving as the concert mistress of the Connecticut College Orchestra and later earning a B.A. in Vocal Performance from Furman University. Growing up in Boston and returning in my 20s allowed me to engage in the rich Celtic and jazz music scenes by attending fiddle camps and singing with a jazz ensemble at the New England Conservatory of Music. I studied operatic repertoire in Vienna, Austria, and have been grateful to collaborate with dancers, composers, and independent film makers on various projects both as a singer and violinist. Improv fiddle has become my staple since moving to Charlottesville in 2012, having teamed up with local songwriters to go on regional tours and perform at Celtic and Americana music festivals. I am also deeply committed to honoring God through sacred and worship music. With 25 years of teaching experience in both private and group settings, I get immense joy from students’ unique personalities and learning styles, and it is my goal to support their growth in expression and mastery of their instrument. I endeavor to be a perpetual learner, and I am thrilled to join the teaching staff and musical community at The Front Porch this fall of 2023!


My musical dream is to be a courageous artist, and to write award-winning music that profoundly affects people in a positive way. Fun fact: I am a landscape painter and architect in my spare time.