Gina Sobel
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Instruments: Guitar, Voice, Composition, Songwriting, Audio Recording, Ukulele, Saxophone, Piano, Looping, Flute, Loog Guitar
Styles: All styles


I grew up outside of DC in a home filled with jazz. When I was a kid, my dad’s jazz trio rehearsed at the house and I would play along with the melodies. Eventually, they told me I couldn’t keep playing with them unless I started improvising, so I guess that’s where it all began! Improvising is my passion, in any genre really – I love figuring out how to serve the song and lift the music, and I love helping others to do the same. I discovered old-time and folk music in college and fell in love with that as well – a lot of my music brings together jazz and American folk in a way that feels very natural to me. I really enjoy finding a way to engage my students with music they care about, and I like to teach technique and theory through songs, it’s more fun that way! Whether I’m in my teaching studio, on tour or in the studio, I’m most excited about making great music with great people.


If I could play in anyone's band, it would be with one of Bill Frisell's projects. His constant creativity, joy in the music and kindness comes through so strongly in everything he does! Coolest gig I've ever played? Red Rocks Amphitheater with down-tempo electronic artist Emancipator, it was a crazy rush to hear 10,000 people cheering for a 16-bar flute solo! When I'm not teaching or playing, I love food (cooking and especially eating), visual art and backpacking!