Luke Neer
Pronouns: he/him/his
Instruments: Banjo
Styles: Bluegrass, Progressive Grass, Americana


I was born right here in the foothills of the blue ridge. At age 11, I found some finger picks, dusted off an old banjo we had in our study, and taught myself how to play a simple theme song of a movie from the 1960’s. Shortly thereafter I took up banjo lessons, quickly discovering Earl and Bela and have been playing ever since. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I finally connected with other bluegrass instrumentalists and learned how to jam in the circle. That’s when the music turned into magic for me. I’ve played in multiple bluegrass based outfits over the years and currently play banjo for The Tara Mills Band.


My goal is to cultivate a community of pickers at all levels, so it's never difficult to find a jam in town. For me personally it's to one day achieve 1/100 of the cool factor of Tony Rice (except I'd be doing it playing banjo).