Music Mentors

Music Mentors pairs master musicians with beginner instrumentalists to provide one-on-one instruction and practice support for students who cannot afford outside lessons. Musical Mentors is designed to support students in public school band and orchestra programs, aiming to reduce attrition and build sight-reading skills and instrument technique. Our goal is to encourage students to feel confidence and joy while playing music, through a positive and affirming relationship with a mentor.

“Jack Sheehan (music mentor) works with one of our very talented and music loving trumpet player. This class is a 6th grade brass class and this student never takes his instrument home, ever. This last tutoring session Jack gave him some “licks” to work on over the weekend and HE TOOK HIS INSTRUMENT HOME!! He also let us know he brought it back today so he would have it for class. This, for me, is a moment I have been waiting for – the student loves his music, he just needed a one-on-one supporter to get him to the next level, bravo..”
-Susan Allen, Band Director, Walker Middle School

“I like (working with my mentor) more than being in regular band. It’s calmer when you’re with somebody other than the whole group.”
-Student, Walker Middle School

“(When I work with my mentor) I have more freedom. I focus on parts and learn a lot of concert pieces better. It’s more chill.””
– Student, Walker Middle Schools