Support Our Foundation for the Future

The Front Porch, a roots music school and intimate music venue in Charlottesville, Virginia, seeks $50,000 in end-of-year donations to support a general operations fund we are calling “A Foundation for the Future.” Your donations will help The Front Porch reach our goal of achieving long-term sustainability by investing in student accessibility, systems optimization, and staff development.  Our goals are to fund the following three initiatives through this year’s annual fund:

  1. Client Management System: $10,000

We have an average of 200 students at TFP each week, and with our increased space and staff, we have the capacity to reach up to 500. Our client management system on the other hand, is not equipped to handle this pace of growth. Currently, too many hours are spent each week manually entering data into various spreadsheets. Redundancies abound. Investing in a new client management system would expand our capacity to grow. It would also create a smoother user experience for students and teachers, and it would free up time for staff to focus their talents on developing programming rather than cross-referencing spreadsheets. We anticipate that the adoption of a robust system will allow us to smoothly increase our student registrations from 200 to 500 within three years. The admin team has begun researching the best options, and they would put the system in place in early 2019.

  1. Professional Development: $20,000

With a growing student roster, we also recognize a need to invest in the development of our greatest treasure: our teaching artists and staff. As our classes have grown and our school has progressed, we have found that students want and need a more structured curriculum to help them grow their musical skills and community.  We have sketched out a basic core curriculum that would meet the needs of students from rank beginners to advanced players, but more funding is required to develop this nascent idea into a thorough curriculum. Funding for professional/ curriculum development will go toward enrolling teachers and staff in workshops and conferences, sending them to observe other similar organizations around the country, and providing the most up-to-date and research-based supplies and resources. This investment will benefit TFP students for years to come. With our dedication to the quality of teachers and curriculum, The Front Porch has the potential to provide something unique not only for Charlottesville, but for the state of Virginia as we consider replicating our model in other towns and cities.

  1. Accessible Music Education: $20,000

Finally, funds would be implemented immediately so that our Roots and Wings program can expand to serve more underserved communities in Charlottesville. Currently, Roots and Wings provides free programming to 150 students per week and we would like to build that number to 500 or more in the coming year. As this work increases, so will our need for scholarships. Despite the fact that we have generously awarded scholarships, as of yet we do not have a dedicated scholarship fund; scholarships have been financed through deferred earnings rather than through an endowed fund. Your donation will help us create a strong foundation for the future for all of Charlottesville’s youth.  


Front Porch Donation Levels

Porch Picker
$25 – $99 helps fill the gap between tuition and the real cost of lessons.

Weekly Jammer
$100 – $249 helps provide an instrument to a student who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy or rent one.

House Band
$250 – $499 covers the cost of 2 – 4 students to participate in our folk music and dance program for refugee children.

Festival Fave
$500 – $999 enables us to provide financial aid for 1-2 Front Porch students for the year.

Hall of Famer
$1000 – $2499 helps cover the cost of bringing a national touring act to the Front Porch for master classes and performance.

$2500 – $4999 enables us to spearhead partnerships with local public schools and community centers to broaden our capacity for outreach.

Founder’s Circle 
$5,000+ helps us create and sustain our vision for the Front Porch to be a vital and lasting provider of arts education in Charlottesville.