Hesitant about online learning? You're not alone.

Rest assured, it really does work. Here's how we make sure.

The technology is easy. All you need is a computer or ipad (even your smartphone can work) that has a microphone and camera. You also need a good internet connection. You’ll receive an email with a Zoom link before class and all you have to do is click on it! It IS your responsibility to make sure your equipment works. We have a test Zoom link available for you to do so. If you DO encounter technical difficulties at the time of class, you can contact your instructor and they’ll do their best to help you resolve them in a timely manner.

Materials: We provide materials (songs, tab sheets, chord diagrams) for you to print at home, as well as a library of instructional videos for all core classes that you can access any time from our YouTube channel. (You will receive a passcode at registration that gives you access).

Class size: Classes are small, usually 3-6 students.

Class flow: Not all teachers are exactly the same, but classes will be a mix of the following:


  • Instruction/modeling from the teacher: Students stay muted, but can still practice and hear themselves without playing over the teacher.
  • Your time to shine. Students take turns unmuting and performing the skill/phrase being taught so they can receive specific feedback from the teacher. (The good thing is, while others are playing, YOU can keep practicing, and no one will be bothered since you’re muted!).
  • Playing together: The teacher plays, sometimes with a backtrack or a metronome, and you play along. You’ll be muted, but you’ll be able to hear yourself playing along with the teacher, and won’t be distracted by any sound delay from other students.
  • Connection: While class banter is limited with online lessons, you DO still interact with your classmates and teacher. Laughter and smiles abound. You are still joining a space with people who share your passion, and that connection is definitely part of the experience.

Teacher Marty Collin discusses online learning:

Our teachers are excellent, whether online or in person. But don’t take it from us, hear what students have to say about online learning.

“Teacher Clara does a great job of engaging with each student on a musical and personal level. She also excels at managing the flow of an online class and setting a fun, but consistent, routine. This really helped my son get over the initial hump of online learning, and he routinely talks about music class and asks when it will be Wednesday so he can see Teacher Clara. In terms of logistics, Clara sent out the Zoom invites at the same time every week and class always starts and ends on time, which is REALLY helpful given the age group.”

“I’m so glad that Jordan has the opportunity to participate in a high quality music class with such a wonderful teacher. Like everyone, we had to make some tough choices around virtual learning vs. in-person preschool and this has been such a bright spot.”

“Thanks for providing us the online forum for learning. I was skeptical at first with the whole online thing, but I so look forward to every Tuesday.”