What will your donation support?

  • A donation of $5,000 underwrites a full year of our Hometown Choir (pictured above!).
  • $2,500 covers a full semester of an after-school music club. 
  • $1,000 provides a Music Mentor for 10 kids.
  • $500 underwrites one of our concerts.
  • $250 pays for a need-based music scholarship for a 10 week class.
  • $100 provides a 4 week workshop for a scholarship student.

  • American Express

THANK YOU for making a tax-deductible donation to The Front Porch! You are truly giving the gift of music through this donation. It allows us to pay our teachers and staff a living wage, AND make music education accessible to everyone in Charlottesville, Virginia. Consider choosing one of the levels, or making a recurring donation by selecting monthly in the drop-down menu below. We are so grateful for your support!