Block Party Instrument Sale

Our annual Block Party is BACK!! Join us on May 14th for a FREE family friendly event from 4 – 9 pm. There will be student performances, raffles, swag sales, music all evening, tasty food and drink, and a fantastic collection of instruments for sale.

There is no entrance fee to the Block Party, but revenue from all instruments and items sold go directly to support Front Porch community programs that connect people through music. Read more about our group music classesprivate music lessons, and community outreach.

Instruments will be sold in a silent-auction style throughout the Block Party, with a set starting bid.

You can get a sneak peek of the instruments for sale below:

The pis de resistance of our instruments for sale is a beautiful violin made in 1812 by Matthias Hornsteiner, known as Gratz (1749 – 1816). The violin is made of maple, with a dark reddish-brown varnish and is Amati-inspired. It has been appraised at $20,000.00.

Gratz Violin
Gatz Violin
Gatz Violin

We also have six guitars, four banjos, keyboards, basses, dulcimers, and much more for sale! Check everything else out below.

Eastman Guitar

Electric Guitar – Eastman T185MX-BD

Thinline Semi-Hollow Body, Double Cutaway, Natural Blonde

Condition: Excellent

Epiphone ES-339

Electric Guitar – Epiphone ES-339

Semi-hollow layered maple body, two humbucker pickups, vintage sunburst

Condition: Excellent

Martin 12 String

Acoustic Guitar –  Martin D12 AXE

12-string Martin Guitar, warm body and excellent sound

Condition: Excellent

Epiphone DR-100 VS

Acoustic Guitar – Epiphone DR-100 VS

 Vintage sunburst, spruce top, mahogany body and neck, chrome hardware

Condition: Excellent

Fender Stratocaster

Electric Guitar – Fender Stratocaster

Fender All-Black Stratocaster w/ single coil pickups

Condition: Excellent

Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

Acoustic/Electric Guitar – Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst w/ cutaway and floral pickguard

Condition: Excellent

RC Loop Station

Guitar Pedal – Boss RC-20XL Looping Station

Loop up to 16 minutes, 11 loops at a time, undo function, auto quantize function. Has original box and manuals

Condition: Excellent

Fishman Guitar Pedal

Guitar Pedal – Fishman Aura Sixteen

Acoustic Imaging Pedal, preloaded with 16 Aura Images, USB interface, mute/bypass foot switches

Condition: Excellent

Black Fender Jagmaster

Electric Guitar – Fender Squire Jagmaster 

Black with double humbucker pickups and whammy bar 

Condition: Good

Washburn Maverick Series Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar – Washburn Maverick Series BT10

Teal with two Humbucker Pickups

Condition: O.K.

Washburn Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Washburn D11N

Gorgeous finish, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard

Condition: Excellent

Mitchell Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Mitchell MD200S Series

 Full-size dreadnought solid-top

Condition: Great

Espanola Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Espanola EAW-815

Floral and bird detailed mottled pickguard, and abalone floral detailed fretboard

Condition: Good

Harmony Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Harmony Model 319

Sunburst finish, parlor sized guitar handmade in Chicago

Condition: OK

Recording King Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Recording King RJ-06

Jumbo acoustic guitar, solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides

Condition: Good

Ovation Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar – Ovation Standard Balladeer 1861

Solid spruce top, bound rosewood fretboard, and oak leaf rosette 

Condition: OK

Deering Bluegrass Banjo

Banjo – Deering Bluegrass Banjo

“Sierra” model resonator 5-string banjo, w/ incredible tone

Condition: Good (cosmetic wear on head, no issues)

Global Banjo

Banjo – Global Bluegrass Banjo 408

Vintage 5-String Banjo Model 408, Eagle inlay on the back

Condition: Great

Custom Creed Banjo

Banjo – Custom Made Banjo by Quintin Creed (Kyle Creed’s brother)

Custom made, rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl inlay, 3/4″ shell

Condition: OK (antique, worn original banjo head) 

Custom Dony Banjo

Banjo – Custom Made

Custom made local banjo, inscribed “Rob Cockrell, Charlottesville, Doney 1978”

Condition: Good (some wear on head)

Electric Violin

Electric Violin – ZETA SV-25 Electric

Legacy-White, 5-string Strados Neck, Custom Zeta Strados Bridge Pickup

Condition: Excellent

Ibanez Bass Guitar

Electric Bass – Ibanez Mikro GSRM20 Bass

Poplar body, Jatoba fretboard w/ white dot inlay

Condition: Great

Squire Bass Guitar

Electric Bass – Fender Squier Jaguar Bass

Black, Squier humbucking pickup, vintage-style open-gear tuning

Condition: Great

Austin Bass Guitar

Electric Bass – Austin 4-string bass

4-string bass guitar with gorgeous mahogany finish

Condition: Great

Resonator Guitar

Orpheum Resonator Dobro

Vintage 1970s model, Maroon

Condition: OK

Washburn Mandolin

Mandolin – Washburn “A” Style MS1D Mandolin

Red burst “A” Style Acoustic Mandolin

Condition: Great

Mahalo Ukulele

Ukulele – Mahalo Ukulele

Red Mahalo Ukulele, great for beginners

Condition: Good

Laurel Canyon Ukulele

Ukulele – Laurel Canyon Ukulele

Concert Ukulele, beautiful finish

Condition: OK (missing a string)

Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer

Custom-made mountain dulcimer w/ walnut inlay

Condition: Great

Hohner Accordian

Accordian – Hohner Student IV

Black, 2/3 MM Reeds, Treble: 25 Keys, 11.5″(30cm) Key to Key, Bass: 32 Bass Buttons

Condition: Good


Trumpet – Olds Ambassador Trumpet and Accessories

Trumpet comes with mutes, cleaning supplies, extra valves, etc.

Condition: Good


Custom-made Djembe

Nice-quality, pretty rosewood finish

Condition: Great


Yamaha Keyboard

Keyboard – Yamaha CP33

88-key Graded Hammer keyboard, State-of-the-art AWM tone generation, USB Terminal

Condition: Great

M-Audio Keyboard

Keyboard – M-Audio Prokeys 88 Keyboard

88-key stage piano with 64MB acoustic piano samples, MIDI Controller, pedal jacks

Condition: Great

Meadowlark Hammer Dulcimer

Hammer Dulcimer – Meadowlark

Meadowlark Rick Thum Hammer Dulcimer

Condition: Great

Sam Rizetta Hammer Dulcimer

Hammer Dulcimer – Sam Rizetta Custom Dulcimer

Sam Rizetta-Made Custom Hammer Dulcimer – built in 1971

Condition: Good


We would like to thank the generous supporters who donated instruments to The Front Porch. All proceeds will support The Front Porch’s community outreach efforts. Read more about our work in the community HERE.

For questions or more information, email Eli at: eliratzlaff@frontporchcville.org. See you on May 14th!

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