Donors and Community Sponsors

Many thanks to our corporate sponsors, foundation supporters, and individual donors. We rely on you to create quality,affordable programming that is accessible to everyone in the Charlottesville community!



Founder’s Circle  $10,000+ helps us create and sustain our vision for the Front Porch to be a vital and lasting provider of arts education in Charlottesville.


Charlottesville Area Community Foundation 

Jonathan Gilliland

Hilltop Foundation

Madwoman Project Fund

Morgan Trust of Bank of America: Marietta McNeil Morgan and Samuel Tate Morgan Jr.,

Legend  $2500 – $9999 enables us to spearhead partnerships with local public schools and community centers to broaden our capacity for outreach.


BAMA Works Project Fund

Mike and Alicia Burris

John and Emily Morrison

The J&E Berkley Foundation

Sticks Kebob Shop

Virginia Commission for the Arts

Hall of Famer  $1000 – $2499 helps cover the cost of bringing a national touring act to the Front Porch for master classes and performance.

Albemarle County Rotary Club

Andrew and Kelli Block Family Fund

Mary Beth Aungier

David Cathcart

Ellen Climo and Marc Lipson

Demian Jackson

Katherine and Wyck Knox

Logan III Charitable Fund

Nathalie & Emmanuel Goldberg Fund

Rick Ramsey

Sam Hill Entertainment

Mandi Smith


Hank and Shannon Wells

Richard Will

Festival Fave $500 – $999 enables us to provide financial aid for 2 Front Porch students for the year.

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Joan Fenton

John Frazee

Jack Horn

Kathleen Kishore

Jason Lyman

Francis Tolly Merrick

Susan Montgomery

Debby Norton

Robert W. and Gladys S. Meserve Charitable Trust

Amanda Schoonmaker

S&P Global Foundation

Sarah Williamson

Eleanor Winsor

House Band

$250 – $499 covers the cost of 2 – 4 students to participate in our folk music and dance program for refugee children.


Paddy Bowman

Brookfield Bocock Fund

Christine Carroll

George Davis

Chris Dubois

Nicholas Duke

Judith Fenno

Alice and Simeon Fitch

Charles Gagnebin

Kendra and Jim Hall

Adam Healey

Barbarie Hill

Claiborne Lange

Allison and Bruce MacDonald


Andres Martinez

James McKinley-Oakes

James Steele

Virgil and Margaret Wagner Fund

Josh Zanoff

Weekly Jammer $100 – $249 helps provide an instrument to a student who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy or rent one.

Anonymous (2)

Natalie Artz

Herbert Beskin

Katharine Birdsall

Elinor Capehart

David Chapman

Jim Childress

Michele Claiborne

Kristin Clarens

Polly Clark

Marty and Sandra Collin

Michael Derdeyn Pod

Janine Dozier

Steve and Jane Engel

Jane Erwine

Terence Finegan

Patrick and Sandra France

Peter and Sarah Gaines

Charlotte Gibson

Ellie Giles

Laura Goode

Karen Murray and Neil Goodloe

Angel Gunn

Neal and Martien Halvorson-Taylor

Frank Hardy

Mark Jackson

Cale Jaffe

Richard Jones

Marylouise Kelley

David Kestner

Peter LaBau

Gabriel Laufer

Jeffrey and Janet Legro

David and Sarah Lourie

Bree Luck

Chester Maternick

John Mccann

Grier and Kevin Murphy

Doris Neale

Rebecca Pledger

Tracy Proctor

Malcolm Pulley

Chad and Cay Lee Ratliff

Deborah Roach

Austin Robey

Fair Robey

Gabe Robey

Anthony Schmieg

Tom Schwenk

Sandra Seidel

Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff

David Smith

Brian Sosdian

Jonathan Spear

Brian St. John Fox

Annie Stafford

Phillip Stafford

Maria Stein

Sterling Swingle

Tori Talbot

Eileen Thacker

Herbert Tucker

Erika Viccellio

Rob Wall

John Whitlow

Brian and Denise Wilkinson

Judy Wyckoff

Porch Picker $25- $99 helps fill the gap between tuition and the real cost of lessons.

Wilfred Ahrens

Robin and Jonathan Albertson-Wren

Emma Allen

John Ashley

Sapphire Baker

Susan Beers

Nick Berkin

Michelle Bessett

James Bingler

Sara Bon-Harper

Gene Bowlen

Jackson Boylan

Susan Brickman

Deirdre Brown

Todd Bullard

Marsha Burger

Alex Butterfield

Norah Caldwell

Sandra Cannon

Kim Cary

Timothy and Monica Chaney

Michael Clem

Diane Cluck

Yael Cockayne

Donald Cowdrey

Michelle Damiani

Charlie Davis

Tim Davis

Janet Davis

Francis Deane

Laura DeVault

Julie Dobias

Susan Donovan Cathcart

Craig DuBose

Philip Dupont

Sheri Edgecomb

Susan Erich Smith

Joseph Fallon

Kathe Falzer

Richard Febey

Suzannah Fischer

Jesse Fiske

Jim Gagnon

Joshua Gibson

Nell Goddin

Donna Goings

Lawrence Goldstein

Conrad Gosse

Jessica Harber

Penny Harrison-Latham

Chloe Hawkins

Margaret Haymans

Alisa Hefner

DJ Hill

Emilee Hodges

Andrew Hollifield

Gary Holmes

Jean Howell

Sally Hudson

Drew Hurst

Jason Jacks

Cynthia Jordan Fisher

Katie Kellett

Nancy Kern

Jessica Knicely

Anne Krieger

Louise Largiader

Lorie Lichtenwalner

Randy Lloyd

Neg Mahmoodzadegan

Ray Maternick

Scott McNally

Becca Messman

Cecelia Mills

Amy Moon

Seth Morrison

Neil Morrison

Marney Morrison

Glenn Morrison

Jamie Moss

Hallam Movius

Jacob Nadkarni

Adam Nemett

Robert Nichols

Vivian Norkus

Susan Northington

Debby Norton

Nancy O’Brien

Emma Parcell

Brenda Patterson

Elizabeth Peak

Katherine Perdue

Lallon Pond

Deborah Prum

Gail Raymaker

Dana Reeder

Deborah Roach

Rebecca Robey Steen

JoAnn Robinson

Lauren Ryan

Laura Schundler

Laura Seale

Stephen Slovensky

Janet Smalley

Gale Smith

David Smith

Devon Sproule

Dorothy Sullenberger

Patricia Sullivan

Susan Temple

Ben Terry

Jennifer Tidwell

Thomas Torrance

Andrea Trimble

Alan Van Clief and Cynara Harvey

Frank Watkins

Random Webber

Alyssa Whitby

Kurt Williams

Scott Wrightson

Victoria Young