Donors and Community Sponsors

Many thanks to our corporate sponsors, foundation supporters, and individual donors. We rely on you to create quality,affordable programming that is accessible to everyone in the Charlottesville community!




Founder’s Circle  $5,000+ helps us create and sustain our vision for the Front Porch to be a vital and lasting provider of arts education in Charlottesville.

Anonymous (2)

C-ville Hoedown

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (2)

Michael and Alicia Burris

Morgan Trust of Bank of America: Marietta McNeil Morgan and Samuel Tate Morgan Jr.,

Quantitative Foundation

The Bama Works Fund

The Madwoman Project

The Monford D. & Lucy L. Custer Foundation

The Perry Foundation, Inc.

Legend  $2500 – $4999 enables us to spearhead partnerships with local public schools and community centers to broaden our capacity for outreach.


Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Hank and Shannon Wells

John and Emily Morrison

John Wheeler and Beverly Seng

Louise Bedichek – FIDELITY Charitable

The J&E Berkley Foundation

The Madwoman Project

Hall of Famer  $1000 – $2499 helps cover the cost of bringing a national touring act to the Front Porch for master classes and performance.

Albemarle County Rotary Club

Alfred and Shannon Wells

Angel and Kirt Gunn

Anonymous (2)

Cecil Jividen

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

David Cathcart

Eliot and Irene Jennings

Jim Childress

John Frazee and Cindy Cartwright

John Morrison / Varian Medical Systems

John Wheeler

Judith Fenno

Mandi Montgomery Smith

Nicholas Duke

Rick Ramsey

The J&E Berkley Foundation (2)

Wyn and Annette Owens

Festival Fave

$500 – $999 enables us to provide financial aid for 2 Front Porch students for the year.

Bike & Build INC.

Devin Welch

Eleanor Winsor

Harvest Moon Catering

James Wilkinson

John Frazee

John Horn

Kenna Loughran

Michelle Damiani (2)

Nicholas Duke, Sr.

Richard Will (2)

S&P Global Foundation

Scott Smith

Splendora’s Gelato (3)

Susan Montgomery (2)

The Festy

House Band

$250 – $499 covers the cost of 2 – 4 students to participate in our folk music and dance program for refugee children.

Angel Gunn


Cassandra Mathis

Cathy Cathcart

Cay Lee and Chad Ratliff

Colin Dougherty


Demian Jackson

Denise McFadden

Fair and Denny Robey

Gabe Robey (2)

Hal Movius

Jack and Hillary Horn

Jackson Boylan

James McKinley-Oakes / DrumUp!

Jeffery and Janet Legro

Jessica Schilling

Joseph Simpson and Angela Navarro

Josh Zanoff

Kara Burke

Kate Bennis

Robert Cathcart

Steve and Stella Maria

Susan Montgomery

Weekly Jammer $100 – $249 helps provide an instrument to a student who couldn’t otherwise afford to buy or rent one.

Alice Fitch

Amanda Schoonmaker

Annie Stafford

Anna Towns & David Ackerman

Austin Robey (2)

Barbara Ann Williams

Barbara Payne

Brendan Richardson

Carolyn Scbuyler

Cay Lee Ratliff

Charles Gagnebin

Charles & Lynn Mills

Christine Mahoney

Claiborne Lange

Cooper Wamsley

Deborah Roach

Dennis Proffit

Denny Wilkinson

Eileen Thacker

Elaine Bailey

Elisabeth & Michael Craun

Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff

Elvira Hoskins

Gabe Robey

Gabriel Laufer (2)

Glenn Luxenberg

Glenn Morrison

Hazel Marshall

Herbert & Ann Elizabeth Tucker

Herbert Beskin

Ingrid Cordano

James Steele (2)

James Wilkinson

Jamie and Saxton Moss

Jana Gamble

Jane Erwine

Janet Legro

Jen Lucas

Jessica Son

Jessika Bottiani

Jim Bingler

Jim Childress

John UpDike

John Whitlow

Joyce Dennison

Judy Wyckoff (2)

Kara M Burke

Kimberly & Hunter McCardle

Laura Wilkinson

Linda P. Hollandsworth

Lisa Sheffield

Logan Blanco

Luke Juday

Lyall Harris

Lynne & Ronald Smith

Maggie Edwards

Margaret Eldridge

Maria Stein (3)

Martin Colin

Mary Sanford

Melissa Warren

Michael Bowers

Michele Claibourn

Neal Halvorson-Taylor

Nora Brookfield

Peter Labau

Philip Stafford

Philippe Sommer

Piper Gary

Richard and Patricia Jones

Robin Albertson-Wren

Samantha Provencio

Sandra and Patrick France

Sandra Seidel

Scott Reimer

Stephen & Anne Runkle

Tara Martin Morrison

Tod Cohen

Tom Schwenk

Tracy Proctor

Vivian Norkus

William & Fair Robey

William Antholis and Kristen Suokko

Porch Picker $20 – $99 helps fill the gap between tuition and the real cost of lessons.

Adam Daniel

Adam Hurt

Adam Nemett

Alex Caton

Andrea Trimble

Angel Gunn

Anthony Schmieg

Austin Robey

Barbara Sands

Becca Messman

Ben Eppard

Benjamin & Meredith Coe

Benjamin Randolph

Bill Adams

Bradley Sayler

Brandon Walsh

Brenda Patterson

Brennan Gilmore

Brian Coffing

Christine Brennan

Christine Carroll

Christopher Farina

Claire Chantell

Claire Reeger

Colleen Keller

Darcy Howe

Deborah Arnstein

Deborah Roach

Devon Sproule

Donna Ray Magill

Eileen Thacker

Eileen Wells

Elizabeth Bernatowicz

Elizabeth Peak

Fair and William Robey

Francis Deane (2)

Geneva Richardson

Glenn Morrison

Gregory Weaver

Heather Stamper

Ioline Henter (2)

James Campbell

Janet Davis

Janet Smalley

Jeff Hodges

Jennifer Tidwell

Jessica Harber

Jessica Knicely (2)

Jim Bingler

Joanne Burruss

Joe Anderson

John Pickard

Jody Sweeny and Jams McKinley-Oakes

Jonathan Wren

Jon Nafziger and C.G. Hurst (2)

Kate Bennis

Kate Collier

Katie Kellett

Larry Goldstein (2)

Lisa Narodick Colton

Littlepaige Wemple

Lori Madden

Margaret & J. Todd Haymans

Marilyn Smith (2)

Marjory Ruderman

Mark & Mary Evans

Marney Morrison

Marsha Burger

Mary Beth Aungier (3)

Marylouise Kelley

Mike Cannady

Monica Chaney

Nancy Kern

Nicholas Duke

Pam Perugi Marraccini

Patricia Sullivan

Philip Dupont

Richard Febey

Rick Parrish

Robert Andrejewski

Robinson Hubbard

Roxanne White

Samantha Bates

Sandra Cannon (2)

Sara Bon-Harper (2)

Shannon Worrell

Sheri Edgecomb

Sonya Silver

Steven Le

Susan Abney

Susan Read

Susen Miller

Thomas Torrance

Timothy Chaney

Todd Jarry

Tucker Rogers