Private lessons are available for scheduling with the following instructors:

Pete Vigour: all levels of fiddle, old time and folk guitar, hammered dulcimer, clawhammer banjo, mandolin, ukulele

Matt Draper: jazz, folk, & blues harmonica

Christopher Leva: guitar in various styles, including old time, reggae, bluegrass, rock, and folk

Lorie Lichtenwalner: bass, guitar, voice

Andy Thacker: bluegrass mandolin and guitar

Bill Adams: Piedmont acoustic blues guitar

Jesse Harper: songwriting, guitar

Gina Sobel: flute, sax, guitar, voice, songwriting, jazz studies

Jack Dunlap: mandolin, guitar, bass

Malia Furtado: bluegrass fiddle, classical violin

Dhara Goradia: piano, bass, jazz composition

Devon Sproule: songwriting, guitar, performance

John Spangler: bluegrass banjo

Craig Green: Ukulele

Email us at or call (434)806-7062 to schedule your time slot for our Summer 2017 six week session with the instructor of your choice.

Schedule and Fees

For our Summer 2017 six week semester: Students register in advance for a slot for the full session.  Single trial lessons are available with instructors, prices listed below.  We request that payment be made in full when registering for a class or session.  Once a session is underway, new students may register at any time provided there is space, and the tuition will be prorated to reflect the remaining number of lessons in the session.  Financial aid is available. Contact us to inquire.

45-minute private lesson: $45/single lesson (or $240 for 6 week semester)

30-minute private lesson: $35/single lesson (or $180 for 6 week semester)

45-minute group lesson (3 or more): $25/single lesson (or $120 for 6 week semester)

How to Register

1     Contact our registration department either by phone: (434)806-7062 or email us at to inquire about lesson availability.

2    Once a lesson has been scheduled, fill out our Online Registration Form and submit your payment online. Please read the material thoroughly, particularly our cancellation and make-up policies.  Contact Jess at 434-806-7062 or email for all scheduling inquires and cancellations, please do not contact your instructor.

For absolute beginners through advanced musicians, we offer one-on-one and group lessons on a wide range of instruments including acoustic guitar, fiddle, piano, voice, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and dulcimer. Lessons are available for 30, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. Students are matched up with teachers based on instrument, availability, personality, areas of expertise, and any other factors that may need to be considered. We do our best to ensure that the student-teacher relationship is a good match so that our students can have a rich experience.

Although our foundation at The Front Porch is American roots music, our extraordinarily talented faculty is fluent in many genres, including bluegrass, old time, jazz, blues, rock, and folk. No matter where your musical interests lie, we offer a supportive environment dedicated to musical discovery and personal growth.


Preparing for your first lesson

1     Please arrive a few minutes early.

2    Bring a folder to keep your music and other materials in. If you have been working through a particular instruction book, please bring it with you.

3    Be ready to talk with your instructor about your previous musical experience, if any, and what you’d like to learn. While our instructors are always prepared with interesting and challenging material for our students at any level, learning the music you love will enhance your enjoyment and success as a player.


Tips for getting the most out of your lessons

  • Regular practice: it is more beneficial to practice for a shorter period every day than one long session the day before your lesson. We highly recommend taking notes and/or using a recording device in order to review your material between lessons.
  • After warming up, focus on the most challenging aspects first while your energy and concentration are at their peak. Reward yourself at the end of your practice time by reviewing your old favorite material.
  • We have found that you are much more likely to pick up your instrument and play if it’s ready at hand, so keep your instrument in an easily accessible spot in your home. A sturdy instrument stand or wall hooks will prominently display your instrument and may lead to more frequent practice sessions.
  • Communicate with your instructor to let him or her know what is working well or what you might wish to do differently. At The Front Porch, we know there is no single “correct” path to learning, and while we have a core curriculum to draw upon, we believe it is ultimately the student who’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to private instruction.